file_pdfJUFEBAMAT 650

Container for the cleaning of bakery trays and pans

Jufebamat-freiBaguette-tray-cleaning with JUFEBAMAT 650

Improve the quality of your baking trays and the efficiency of your company with a careful, efficient and energy-saving cleaning process of your baking equipment with special cleaning solution.

JUFEBAMAT 650 has a lot of advantages:

  • Due to the non-abrasive treatment of the material, its product-life can be extended.
  • Due to its surface smoothness, a reduced amount of lubricant is required for the baking sheets.
  • Due to the high cleaning power reached at low temperatures, costs of energy can be reduced.
  • Through the prevention of incrustations, less energy is used while heating the convection ovens, which again leads to cost savings.
  • Through regular use, complaints of food hygienists can be prevented.
  • Through improved conditions of the baking sheets and pans, the quality of the baked products can consequently be optimized.
Technical Data
Measures (overall): L = 1380 mm
W = 900 mm
H = 1200 mm
Capacity of the rack: up to 50 trays, up to 15 pans
Volume: 650 litres
Electrical energy: 230 Volt/ 16 A
Material: Stainless steel (1.4301/ AISI 304)
Instrumentation: – Spindle-lifting-mechanism 700 mm
– Level-control
– Outside heating elements (temperature control)
– Control module (timer)
Operating temperature: 40 °C (max. 45 °C)

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