Top-quality of all kind of yeast and non yeast doughnuts due to complete automatic baking process, integrated fat leveling and permanent fat cleaning at a capacity




pieces per hour

JUFEBA Fettbacklinie Serie USD2 / VSD2

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The yeast doughnuts will be proofed on fermentation frames with special proofing and feeding cloth. Roll-in proofer with climate automat and optimal air circulation for one, two or more 18 baking tray trolleys are available. Roll-in proofers are complete double coated for heat insulation.


For feeding the fryer the operator puts a baking tray covered with a special cloth and the raised yeast doughnuts on the feeding table of the yeast doughnut feeder (BBA) and removes the tray under the cloth. Then the feeding belt takes over one doughnut row after the other to move them into the fat. For feeding with other types of dough a cake doughnut feeder can be joined to the fryer.

Automatic Baking

The complete automatic baking process includes baking time and temperature control, control of fat level as well as feeding, turning, transportation and unloading of the doughnuts.


During the baking process the doughnuts will be turned softly up to three times according to the chosen baking program.


After the last baking cycle the freshly-baked doughnuts are moved softly over a drain grid and slide out of the fryer.

Doughnut Size Adjustment

By chosing the appropriate baking program the row spacing can be changed for different sizes of doughnuts. The fryer grows with the size of the doughnut. This option is available for fryer type VSD.

Fat Cleaning

A fat filter and cleaning system is also part of the fryer. Permanent fat cleaning extends the life cycle of the fat extraordinarily. It is cost saving and improves the quality of the pastries.

Fat Storage

The entire fat/oil is storaged in the thermally isolated fat container underneath the fryer outside operation hours. The fat/oil retained its temperature at a high level during  home time or weekend. Less heat energy is needed and the lifecycle of the fat/oil is extended.

Changeover from one product to another within a few minutes

Fryer Versions

In terms of length, width, row spacing and number of rows the fryer can be adjusted to the needs of a bakery.
Thus, the available space in the bakery can be used at best and the capacity can be optimally matched.

Standard Features

Each system is equipped with a Siemens S7 touch panel control, with three relocatable turning devices, with an integrated fat-leveling system, with a permanent fat cleaning unit, with a fat storage tank, with an electronic temperature controller and with a liftable frying kettle insert frame for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Optional Features

Yeast Doughnut Feeder, Cake Doughnut Feeder, automatic marmelade filling machine, glazing machine, diving grid, cooling down conveyor, turnable sugar bowl, extractor hood with fire-extinguishing system, roll-in proofer with climate automat, tray trolley, baking trays, fermentation frames as well as complete double coated fat storage tank for heat insulation.

Yeast Doughnuts per hour* 900 1200 1900 2800 3500 900 1200 1900
Cake Doughnuts per hour* 960 1280 2000 2880 3600 960 1280 2000
Cake Balls per hour* 3000 4200 6480 9800 12600 3000 4200 6120
max. pastry size (mm) 110 110 110 110 110 190/110 190/110 190/110
Pieces per row 6 8 10 8 10 6 8 10
Number of rows 15/16 15/16 19/20 35/36 35/36 8/17 8/17 9/19
Fat capacity (Ltr.) 185 230 338 502 602 195 240 360
max. length (mm) 5300 5500 7200 12000 12000 5700 5900 7200
Total input (kW) 37 41 54 82 90 37 41 54
Voltage 230/400 Volt
* in case of 6 minutes baking time

Specifications subject to change without notice