file_pdfCream Cooker Series KK

INDIVIDUAL Puddings, Marmelade or other mixtures by ease of use devices


The easy way to cook

The microprocessor controlled heating and the stirrer drive combined with optimal shaped stirrer geometry allow best cooking results of fillings, puddings or other individual mixtures. Due to the parts which are removable the device is easy to clean.
Model KK-30

Economic Usage and Quality

Due to the automatic cooking process money can be saved. Due to a unique taste of the filling the quality of the pastries which will be filled or coated with it can be significantly increased.

Simple Liquidizing of Icing

The stirrers for liquidizing are a must during the processing and tempering of icing mixtures. Your icing is ready to use at any time.

One Device – Lots of Opportunities

No matter if semolina, rice or other pudding, poppyseed or been sting paste, marmelade or thickening of fruits, the cream cooker has as many application possibilities as needed.

200 Litre Thermooil Cremekocher with Touch-Panel Steuerung

200 Litre Thermooil Creme Cocker with Touch-Panel Control

Models available

Cream Cocker
Table Model
Type KK
Cream Cocker
Mobile Floor Model
Type KK

Available Sizes

Table Model with a capacity of 10 or 20 litres
Mobile Floor Model with a capacity of 30, 70,
90, 120 or 200 litres
(Models with greater capacity on demand)

Standard Features

Complete stainless steel construction Exact microprocessor controller and display of temperature Operation only with closed lid possible
Maintanance-free stirrer drive
Optimal shaped stirrer geometry
Stirrer is removable for cleaning purposes
Table models with removable cooking pots
Mobile floor model with bottom drain within the stirrer pot
Mobile floor model is equipped with with thermooil heating


Model Sizes 10 Litre 20 Litre 30 Litre 70 Litre 90 Litre 120 Litre 200 Litre
Table Model with Dry Heating KK-10 KK-20
Mobile Floor Model with Water Heating KK-30 KK-70 KK-90 KK-120 KK-200
Mobile Floor Model with Thermo Oil Heating KK-30T KK-70T KK-90T KK-120T KK-200T
Technical Data KK-10 KK-20 KK-30 KK-70 KK-90 KK-120 KK-200
Width (mm) 335 410 585 770 770 870 1070
Depth (mm) 420 510 640 740 740 850 1180
Height (mm) 635 720 1060 1160 1235 1240 1895
Capacity (Ltr.) 10 20 30 70 90 120 200
Electrical input (kW) 2,1 2,7 4,4 9,1 11,1 15 22
Voltage (V) 230 400 400 400 400 400 400

Specifications subject to change without notice

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