file_pdfJam Dosing System Series ED and FS

Soft Filling with exact dosage

Smoothly filling with different types of fillings

The container with 13,5 litre capacity can be replaced by another at any time. In this way the filling mixture can be changed very simple. Also fillings with granulation up to 2 mm
(e.g. small pips) can be used. The tough design of the pump is able to pump this without plugging.
Model ED-1

Ease of Use

Easy handling by ergonomic mounted needles. While keeping the pastries the filling process is initiated by pressing the bottom plate. In this way up to 60 pastries each minute can be filled softly.

Individual quantity of fillings

The filling quantity can be adjusted stepless between 5 and 30 g. To do this just a knurled screw has to be turned and fixed in the right position.

Quick Cleaning

For cleaning purpose the single parts which has contact with the filling mixture can be disassembled and removed easily.
No special tools are required.



Electric driven
Type ED-1
Pneumatic driven
Type FS-1


Complete stainless steel construction
Two 8 mm needles
One container for filling mixture with
sealing plug and removable cover.
Type ED-1 is equipped with 230 V
two-pin grounded plug
Type FS-1 is equipped with
1/8“- compressed air supply


Needles sizes from 6 to 10 mm
Additional containers for
different mixtures
Container rack
Mobile underframe or mobile
cabinet base.
Compressor cabinet with
compressor unit for Type FS-1


Technical Data: ED-1 FS-1
Container capacity 13,5 l 13,5 l
Filling capacity 5 bis 30 g 5 bis 30 g
Width 380 mm 380 mm
Height 400 mm 400 mm
Depth 710 mm 710 mm
Electrical input 0,6 kW
Voltage 230 V
Airpressure** 6 bar

Specifications subject to change without notice

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