Consistently high quality doughnuts due to soft turning device

Consistently high quality doughnuts due to soft turning device



Proofing the doughnuts on swing pans. Proofer models with integrated proofer cabinet, optimal air circulation, separate thermostat – controlled heating and water tank. Proofer cabinet is complete double coated for heat insulation.


For feeding the fryer with raised doughnuts just put the swing pans over the frying kettle and turn them easily with two fingers so that the doughnuts drop carefully into the fat. For feeding with other types of dough a cake doughnut depositor can be joined to the fryer.


Baking the pastries in the frying kettle is possible with closed or opened cover flap. Removable electric heating unit with exact microprocessor temperature controller and safety theromstat controls the fat temperature during the hole baking process.


All doughnuts are easily and softly turned to the other side by shortly lifting and moving the turning device into the opposite end position. You can turn as often as you want.


After the last baking time lift up the turning device with the freshly-baked doughnuts to the highest position, move the unloading device between doughnuts and frying kettle, turn the turning device into the unload position and the doughnuts drop softly on the drain screen of the unloading device. Move back the unloading device to the drain board of the doughnut fryer.


During the next baking process the pastries can be taken from the drain board for finishing.

Fat Cleaning

Optional a fat filter system is mountable directly onto all mobile doughnut fryers. Daily fat cleaning extends the life cycle of the fat.
It is cost-saving and improves the quality of the pastries.


Table Models

Mobile Floor Models

Mobile Proofer Models

Roll-In Proofer Models

Models are available with
a frying area for 24, 36, 48
and 60 pieces as well as
double units with just one
drain board in the middle for
minimum space requirements

Complete stainless steel con- struction

Drain board – standard left side / optional right side

Lid or cover flap as fryer cover during baking or after work

Lifting and turning device as well as unloading device with drain screen.

Exact microprocessor control- ler and display of temperature

Safety thermostat

10 swing pans (just for Proofer Models)

Proofer trolley (just forRoll-In Proofer Models)

Fat cleaning system with fat tank and fat pump

Cake Doughnut Depositor with mounting support

Different screens for loading and unloading Cake Doughnuts or special pastries

Model Sizes 24 pieces 36 pieces 48 pieces 60 pieces
Table Models WW-T 02 WW-T 05 WW-T 10 WW-T 20
Mobile Floor Models WW-S 05 WW-S 10 WW-S 20
Mobile Proofer Models WW-G 02 WW-G 05 WW-G 10 WW-G20
Roll-In Proofer Models WW-GW 05 WW-GW 10 WW-GW 20
Proofing Container C-02 C-05 C-10 C-20
Technical Data: WW-G 02 WW-G 05 WW-G 10 WW-G 20
Swing pan Dimensions 40 x 60 cm 58 x 58 cm 58 x 78 cm 58 x 98 cm
Output per hour about* 240 Stück 360 Stück 480 Stück 600 Stück
Width in closed position 10 10 mm 1010 mm 1220 mm 1425 mm
Width in working position 1635 mm 1635 mm 2035 mm 2420 mm
Height 1135 mm 1120 mm 1120 mm 1120 mm
Depth 600 mm 820 mm 820 mm 820 mm
Electrical input for heating 4,5 kW 6,0 kW 7,5 kW 9,0 kW
Total electrical input 5,3 kW 6,8 kW 8,3 kW 10,5 kW
Voltage 230/400 Volt
* in case of 6 minutes baking time
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