file_pdfFat filter Unit Series FF

the ideal supplement of Doughnut-Fryers

Series TK / WW / WW-A / WW-AT / WW2-AT

Substantial extension of the fat-lifetime

Ease of use at any time through the fixed mounted device as well as a simple, quick and safe fat cleaning process with just one handgrip.

Through the convenient daily cleaning the quality of the doughnuts the ideal supplement of Doughnut-Fryers Series TK / WW / WW-A / WW-AT /WW2-AT will be improved and the fat life cycle will be extended significantly.


Typ FF – fix mounted

Typ FM – mobil on casters

Standard Features

The unit made of stainless steel contains an inlet connec on directly under the fat drain valve of the frying kettle, a filter compartment for special filter mat, a fat storage tank for the entire volume of fat, a fat pump with direct recoil pipe into the frying kettle, connection cable with switch and plug to be stuck into socket of heating case.

The Fat Filter System can also be upgraded to existing equipment at any time.


Technical Specification: FF-05 FF-10 FF-20 FF-X20
Dimensions(mm) W/D/H 280/680/770 315/680/770 350/680/770 485/680/770
Capacity (l) 80 90 100 140
Filter Size (mm) 400 x 190 400 x 222 400 x 255 400 x 255
Total Input (kW/V) 0,1/230 0,1/230 0,1/230 0,1/230

Specifications subject to change without notice

Flyer Fettfilter Serie FF