file_pdfCompact Doughnut Fryer for Cake Donuts

Typ SKA-1

The new Turbo for your Sweet Bakery-Fast Food Business

with the topical Trend-Pastries




fascinating by

Fully Automatic Baking

  • Continuous Fresh Production
  • Top Handycraft Quality
  • Narrow Space Requirements
  • Show Baking at the Point of Sale
  • Superb Yield

Fryer Heating

Electric heating with exact electronic temperature control and display-advice of temperature,
safety-thermostat and main switch, connection cable with CEKON-plug. Heating element to be
clapped up (together with the conveyor) out of the frying kettle for cleaning and maintenance.

Automatic Dough Dispenser

Electric dough dispenser with swivel-mechanism and automatic control fixed to the fryer on the
right. Automatic feeding of the frying kettle by 4 strokes of the dispenser per row. Size and form
of pastry due to product-plunger inserted. For cleaning and maintenance the dispenser is
swivelled beside the fryer.

Automatic Donut Conveyor

The donut rows are automatically forwarded by one row after each cycle-time which is
determined by the total baking time entered. At the end of the eighth baking row the donuts
automatically are lifted out of the fat and then they slide on to a collection tin by themselves.

Automatic Turning Device

The donuts are turned on the spot by two turning devices very reliable and carefully. For
products, that need not be turned, the turning device can be switched off; Quarkini balls for
instance are turned by themselves. The turning devices can be relocated and taken out.


Technical Data

Pastry Quantities:
4 pastry pieces per row
32 pieces in the frying kettle
320 pieces per hour (using 6 min. baking time)
(the double quantities with two-cut ball plunger)

Filling Quantities:
Dough container: 7 kg
Frying kettle: 24 kg
Operating Elements:
On-/Off-switsch fryer
Baking time controller
Switsch turning device
Temperature controller
Main switsch fryer heating
Measures of unit:
Length 1.420 mm
Depth 610 mm
Height 800 mm
Connection: 5,4 kW, 230/400 Volt

Acessories available:

Product plunger for ring –donuts or star-donuts
(55 mm diameter) and two-cut plunger for ball-products
Collection tins
Mobile show baking station
Extraction hood

Specifications subject to change without notice

Flyer SKA-1