file_pdfPretzel Baking Oven Series LN

The One and Only

Pretzel Oven Series LN

Pretzel quick and easy at any time of the year

Backstation frei

fully automated operation

Childishly simple handling. Just put the froozen dough pieces out of the freezer and on the net belt of the oven. Then the pretzel will be defrosted, salted, baked crispy brown, carried
out into a collecting basket and keeped warm – all this fully automatic. In this way a warm pretzel is part of your choice at all times of the day.

All-round Entertainer

The flavour of freshly baked pretzels attract customers. An optional sight glass at the rear of the Pretzel Baking Oven is a second opportunity to entertain and attract customers.

Not onlyPretzel

No matter if pretzel roll or pretzel stick, salted or unsalted, different kinds of lye pastry can be used. For unsalted pastries the Pretzel Baking Oven can be equipped with a salt spreader switch-off feature.

Wide Range of Usage

No matter if in bakeries,in supermarkets, in shopping malls, at railway stations, in hotels in pubs or during event catering, the Bake OffStation is a centre of attraction.

Ease of Use

The control panel buttons are neatly arranged. The desired baking time can be adjusted by two arrow keys which control the speed of the net belt. The requested baking temperaturecan be set up by two heating levels.


Pretzel Baking Oven
Type LN

Underframe with
Freezer cabinet
Type UGS

Underframe with
Freezer coffer
Type UGT

Type BBS

Oven with a capacity of
45, 100 or 200 pieces
per hour
Freezer cabinet with
69 litre capacity
Freezer coffer with 256 litre
Complete stainless steel
Salt spreader
Oven lighting
Salt collector cup
Pretzel collecting basket
Show-Baking-Station with Pretzel
Baking Oven Type LN-1 or LN-2
Underframe out of stainless steel
with several drawers
Mobile freezer coffer
Sunblind roofing
Rear wall sight glass
Salt spreader
switch-off feature
Mobile underframe
Advertising shield

Model Sizes 45 pieces/h 100 pieces/h 200 pieces/h
Pretzel Baking Oven LN-0 LN-1 LN-2
Underframe with freezer UGS-0 UGT-1 UGT-2
Show-Baking-Station BBS-1 BBS-2
Technical Data LN-0 LN-1 LN-2 UGS-0 UGT-1 UGT-2 BBS-1 BBS-2
Width (mm) 425 550 820 600 650 860 960 960
Depth(mm) 675 870 870 620 1000 1000 1230 1230
Height(mm) 530 850 850 800 820 820 2440 2440
Capacity (pieces/h) 45 100 200 100 200
Electrical input (kW) 1,9 5,5 7,3 0,1 0,2 0,2 5,7 7,5
Voltage(V) 230 400 400 230 230 230 400 400

Specifications subject to change without notice

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