JUFEBA – Fair news 2019

As a novelty at the trade fair, we will introduce a variable continuous doughnut fryer series VSD. As an alternative to the already successfully introduced continuous doughnut fryer series USD with fixed row spacing, the size of the row spacing can be varied with this system. This means that both small pastries such as mini doughnuts, medium sized pastries such as doughnuts and large baked pastries such as apple doughnuts can be produced fully automatically on the same line. For this purpose, the pastry removal system has also been further developed, which now lifts the pastries out of the fryer in a very soft way.

Another innovation is the significant capacity expansion of the fryer lines for the production of quark balls. With a 6-row system, approx. 2,800 quark balls per hour can be produced with a 8-row system, approx. 4,000 and approx. 6,500 quark balls per hour (approx. 35 g and 6 minutes baking time) with a 10-row system.

Both the automatic baking fryer series WW-AT and the continuous doughnut fryer series USD and VSD are equipped with Siemens S7 controls and a convenient Siemens touch control panel.

The conveyor systems are easy to operate and the changeover from one type of pastry to another is carried out in just a few simple steps. The filling of the baked pastries can also be carried out without manual intervention with the automatic filling device, which is directly coupled to the baking system.

The fryer are equipped with a oil cleaning and oil storage system, with which the oil is permanently cleaned. The entire amount of oil is stored in the heat-insulated container during production breaks and the cooling process of the oil is greatly delayed, so that the oil remains liquid even after 48 hours of storage. This considerably extends the life cycle of the oil and reduces the time and energy required to reheat the oil. A level control of the oil level during baking is also integrated into the oil cleaning system. Excess oil is continuously pumped out of the oil container until the desired amount of oil is reached and the oil consumption is automatically compensated by the baking process.

The continuous doughnut fryer lines can be supplied with hourly capacities from 480 and up to 10,000 baked pastries. Special dimensions and individual customer requirements can also be taken into account in the planning and design of a new fryer line.

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